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Great Reading: Publications with Free Excerpts

Click on live text for free excerpts and full texts. 
Many of my publications are listed at Wise Grey Owl and Booklikes, fun book browsing sites.

Coming Soon:
Seven Noble Knights: A Novel of Medieval Spain. Encircle Publications, December 11, 2020.

"Footsteps," a short story set in medieval Spain, in We All Fall Down: Stories of Plague and Resilience. Goodreads  
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"Trout Riot: A Legend from Zamora, Spain, in Eight Scenes." Free download.

Mundos impredecibles: Relatos (a translation of Unpredictable Worlds). Açedrex Publishing, 2019.  Barnes & Noble • Apple iBook • Kobo • Scribd  • Google Play • (Tapa blanda para mediados de 2020)

"The Lake," based on the Edgar Allan Poe poem. Dark Gothic Resurrected, April 2017.

Call It What You Will (the first chapter of the Awash in Talent sequel) in Vernal Equinox: Short Stories from the Worlds of Kindle Press Novels. Lincoln Cole, 2017. (No longer available.)

Faded Threads,” a story based on Cantiga 341 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Free download.

Forgiveness on the Frontier,” a story based on Cantiga 233 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Free download.

Seven Noble Knights. First edition, no longer available.

"Shrouds and Stones." Açedrex Publishing, 2016. Free prequel story, a companion to Seven Noble Knights that describes the "origin story" or the villainess, Doña Lambra. Enjoy it in your choice of three formats for free. 
"Awash in Christmas Spirit" (a story set in the world of Awash in Talent) in Winter Solstice: Short Stories from the Worlds of Kindle Press Novels. Lincoln Cole, 2016. No longer available. The story is made available on request to book clubs reading Awash in Talent

Awash in Talent Paranormal YA/NA/Women's literary fiction. Seattle: Kindle Press, 2016. So much Talent can kill you. Kindle • Softcover • Softcover BN • Indiebound •Goodreads • Request it at your local library or indie bookstore!
Unpredictable Worlds: Stories. Açedrex Publishing, 2015. Kindle •
Apple iBooksNookKoboSmashwords • InkteraBlioSoftcover Indiebound • Softcover Amazon • Softcover Barnes and NobleSoftcover Buscape • Many places to buy at BookLikes • Request it at your local library or book store!
See it at BookBuzz, Book Garage
A press release in at least two places.
Chaotic character interview at Novel Conversations
See five-star reviews on the Amazon pages, at Readers' Favorite, and at The Fish Place.

Tree/House: A Novella. A New Edition. Açedrex Publishing, 2015. KindleApple iBooksNookKoboSmashwords • InkteraBlio • Many other ebook retailers! • Softcover Indiebound • Softcover Amazon •  Softcover Barnes and Noble • Request it at your local library or bookstore!
See it at askDavid and at eTLC
Audiobook with sample: Audiblevia Amazon • iTunes

"Stairs to the Beach" Grand Prize Winner of the Photo Prompt Contest at Brilliant Flash Fiction, March 25, 2015. 

"The Residents of the Inn" in Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction for Adults, 2014. Amazon  • Kindle • Read about "The Residents" • More about the book

English translation of "El hijo" by Pablo Neruda in Year of the Poets by Jon Ballard. Tucson: Loose Leaves Publishing, 2014. Kindle • Nook • Kobo and in softcover at Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

"The Last Ultrasound" in Linguistic Erosion, March 19, 2014.

"Found on the Coast Near Astoria, Oregon" in Quail Bell Magazine, March 2014.

"Axe Man" in A World of Joy. Grey Mouse Publishing, 2013. Free Download at Smashwords and all e-tailers
Un hogar en los árboles. (Spanish edition of Tree/House.) Raleigh: Açedrex Publishing, 2013. Kindle • Nook • Kobo Tapa blanda: Amazon • B&N y tu librería favorita.
No Turning Back by Lidia Falcón (translator). Tucson: Loose Leaves Publishing, 2013. Paperback • Indiebound • Kindle • Nook • Kobo • Request at your library or indie bookstore! Read an excerpt — all of Chapter 6!

Rhinoceros Dreams: Stories. Atlanta: Açedrex Publishing, 2012. Kindle • Kindle UK • Nook • Kobo • Smashwords Read an excerpt of "Not Extinct Yet" here and here and here • Read reviews at the sale sites, and another one here.

"Rhinoceros Dreams" in Jake's Monthly: Magic Realism Anthology. Also available in the Jake's Monthly Softcover Anthology: Recollection (page 67)

The Abencerraje: A New Translation. Tucson and Atlanta: Açedrex Publishing, 2012. paperback • Kindle • Nook • Kobo As always, you can order from your favorite indie bookstore or request at your favorite library. See it on askdavid, too!

"A Disastrous Marriage." Dr. Hurley's Snake Oil Cure (December 16, 2011)

Law and Order in Medieval Spain: Alfonsine Legislation and the Cantigas de Santa María. (Tucson: Açedrex Publishing, 2011.) Kindle • Nook • Kobo • Paperback • Indiebound • And please inquire at your local bookstore or library!

"Rhinoceros Crash" Nouns of Assemblage (Portland, OR: Housefire Press: 2011). See the trailer here.

"Buyer Beware" 50 to 1. (September 24, 2011) See my blog post about revising the piece to 50 words.
An Interview with Gary Inbinder Bewildering Stories Issue 441 (August 1, 2011)

Threads Woven and Other Stories for Women (Tucson: Açedrex Publishing, 2011): Amazon • B&N • Kobo

"Job Fair" Journal of Microliterature (May 15, 2011)

Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy (The Entire Sailing Italy Series) (No longer available)

Sail From Italy (Book Two of the Sailing Italy Series)
Sail To Italy (Book One of the Sailing Italy Series)

"A Business Venture in Glue" Stanley the Whale 2 (April 17, 2011)

Transformación: una guía a la esperanza para las familias de ancianos  (translator) Tucson: Cortero Publishing, 2011. Softcover

"The Writer's Wet Nap Dream" in Six Sentences, April 5, 2011.

"Unpredictable Factors in Human Obedience Obtained via Computer Chips in Saline Solution" in Bewildering Stories 414 (January 10, 2011).

"Bones of a Story" in Metazen, December 22, 2010.

"The World's Largest Rocking Chair (Accident Report)" in Short, Fast, and Deadly i53 "The Year in Review."

"Without Language in Córdoba" in Apparatus Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 4 (September 2010)

"Real" in Cave Scribbles, November 1, 2010.

"Experience" in Do Not Look at the Sun 4 (Autumn 2010).

"Not the Taste Experience We Were Looking For" in Short, Fast, and Deadly i44.

"Dictionary" in The Shine Journal, October 2010.

"Invasion" in Apollo's Lyre, September 2010.

"Rhinoceros Dreams" in This Mutant Life 4 (September 2010).

 Dusk Before Dawn (Poems) • Nook • Kobo • askdavid for more information

"Call Numbers of the Wild" in Haggard & Halloo, August 17, 2010.

"Slippers" in Sillymess, July 23, 2010.

Other Free Samples
"Is This Real?"


"El Novillero"


"Why Do We Send Valentine's Cards?"

"What Does The Swiss Flag Represent?"

"Why Are Masks Worn at Carnival in Spain?"

"What Kind of Government Does Myanmar Have?"

"How Do You Cite a Book with Multiple Authors?"

"How is Sea Salt Extracted from Sea Water?"

Articles in The World and its Peoples: Europe, vol. 5 Portugal and Spain. New York: Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2010. “The Flora and Fauna of Portugal and Spain,” p. 594-597; “Music and Performing Arts,” p. 691-692; “Festivals and Ceremonies,” p. 693; “Spain: Economy,” p. 709-715.

“El mapamundi: Síntesis de una lectura visual del Laberinto de Fortuna.” LL Journal 1:1 (April 2006). 

“The Impact of the Jews in Medieval Spain.” Medieval History Magazine 1 (September 2003): 52-57.

Colombia Bulletin: Translations from the Spanish of essays, press releases, news articles for human rights quarterly based in Buffalo, NY. September 1997 - May 1998.