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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm Better Than Jane Austen...

In what universe does this happen?

You eyes aren't deceiving you. According to this list, two of my books are better than Jane Austen, Harper Lee, Charlotte Bronte, and Margaret Atwood. Even more strange, the star ratings agree that my books belong among their ranks.

My humility doesn't permit this kind of comparison. But this is exactly the kind of thing that can happen in the bizarre universe of social media. I expressed some bafflement at ranking above Jane Austen, and Facebook friend and very fine writer Chris Shields commented, "Jessica, she had her time. Now it's yours. Way to go." That thought neatly does away with my natural inclination toward self-effacement, which probably holds me back in this competitive literary market.

But, even taking the dead ladies off the list, I'm still up against Margaret Atwood, and in any normal situation I would never assert that my books are in any way better than hers. So we're back to the idea of the real world, where such comparison would never take place, and social media, where, it seems, anything is possible.

I hope this list will bring some much-needed attention to Rhinoceros Dreams and Tree/House. My ranking above these other authors is in no way meant as disrespect.

In other news, many of my books are now available with additional descriptions and reviews on It's a great site to find new authors to read!

Tree/House is on eTLC, too!

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