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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Procrastination Cure

This is a sloth. Do sloths procrastinate? (No, they don't.)
I've seen a lot of posts on how to cure procrastination, and I'm always puzzled by them because I've never suffered from it.

Why not? It's a question of belief. I do not believe in procrastination.

The word was made up from Latin components. Pro = for, cras = tomorrow. What a silly word! For-tomorrow-ination!

We're always doing something, even if it's just breathing, so I always figure, why not be doing something that has a deadline? Why not get it done long before said deadline? I don't find it easy to leave things for tomorrow because, let's face it: tomorrow doesn't exist. It's a question of priorities. If it's worth doing, do it today, because there is no tomorrow. I mean this at the existential, philosophical, and practical levels. If you keep this in mind, it becomes laughable to procrastinate, a weird mental exercise in futility because leaving something for tomorrow is leaving it for a time that does not exist.

Today we're more overcommitted than ever, so it's important to prioritize. What is most important to you? What would it be okay to omit? In procrastinating, we condemn certain activities to never being done, so make sure they're the less interesting or important ones.

And if that doesn't work, just remember, it's really cras to leave things for tomorrow.