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Monday, September 5, 2016

Hoppin' Around the Blogosphere with Awash in Talent

Awash in Talent, the little novel that could, is celebrating a super secret Kindle Fire sale on September 15 with a week-long blog tour with some great author hosts.


Today, finally hear what Beth has to say when you meet her without her overpowering sister, Emily, in a character interview at A.J. Culey's blog!

On Tuesday, delve into the fraught world of people who can read minds at Cara McKinnon's blog with an excerpt!

Andi Adams finds out how this sweetly weird book came into being—the characters made me do it!—on Wednesday.

Thursday, J.L. Gribble asks me probing questions about trying to keep paranormal fiction in line and the universal nature of YA, complete with an excerpt at the archaeological dig site!

Jennifer Loring ends the madness on Friday with Emily's zany antics in a character interview. Can her author get her to sit still long enough to answer?

Extra unexpected bonus: scary good author Norman Prentiss features Awash in Talent in an author spotlight (you may have to scroll down to September 2016 if you're reading this in the future). This goes nicely with an intelligent and much-appreciated new review at Amazon.

Many thanks to these terrific authors for hosting me and the crazy, underdog-filled book I dedicated to the love of my life. Thanks for stopping by!

And you didn't hear this from me: If you have a Kindle Fire, don't tell anyone, but Awash in Talent will be available to you and you alone for 99 cents on Thursday, September 15. Look for it then!

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