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Monday, December 9, 2013

Interview: World of Joy Author Diane Major

Author Diane Major
Welcome Diane Major, whose wonderful World of Joy story is "Mason and Bess at Christmas."

JK: What is your story in the anthology about?

DM: Mason and Bess live in a world named Sanctea. It is Christmas Day when the children wake up to discover their Christmas tree has vanished. Queen Anna, Mason’s mom, accompanies the children in their search for the tree. When Mason and Bess finally find the tree, they meet Father Christmas, who has a splendid surprise.

This is a story which suggests that giving presents is fine, but it is more important to bring friends and family together to celebrate the festive season.

JK: What else have you written and published? 

DM: To date, I have written several fantasy adventure novels. They range from books for adults to my children’s series about Mason and Bess. The Mason and Bess books are all fantasy adventure, or you might call them fairy tales. I wrote these stories to inspire children, but particularly boys, to enjoy reading. They are fast-paced stories about two friends who meet various creatures, both good and bad; however, they all have a happy ending.

JK: Do you have any special holiday traditions in real life?

DM: All of my relatives come together at my house for Christmas dinner. We do this on an annual basis on Christmas Day. This is the one time of the year when my mother, children, grandchildren, brother, nephew and his family, ensure we meet to celebrate the festive season as a family.

JK: What's next for you?

DM: As well as "Mason and Bess at Christmas" being available in A World of Joy, my third book in the series which is called, Mason and Bess, A Different Adventure, will be published in the very near future. This is a story when the children meet Dragons and Boggarts.

JK: Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing the seasonal joy at my blog.

DM: Thank you so much, Jessica.

Visit Diane's author page: Amazon US and Amazon UK

And don't forget to get your free copy of A World of Joy!

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