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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Six Sentence Mother's Day!

Many thanks to everyone who left comments last week! I appreciate it so much! Here's the hub of activity.

In honor of Mother's Day today, I asked my beautiful mother to choose her favorite thing I'd ever written, and I would select six sentences from that. I was surprised that she selected a poem of mine from my long-forgotten poetry volume, Dusk Before Dawn. The poem is based on the painting pictured above, which hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Poetry seems a bit unorthodox for Six Sentence Sunday, but I don't see anything that prohibits it, so, here's to you, Mum!

The Painter’s Honeymoon

Lord Frederick Leighton understood
that loves comes in soft hues of gold;
that its lines are warm and comforting,
smooth and flowing as the folds of an olive-toned gown
which, with its velvet, covers layers of full, bountiful petticoats,
completely hidden.
He recognized that love blooms like golden pears outside the window,
blossoms like the glow in the young bride’s face.

As he tenderly holds his sketching pencil,
so too does he hold her hand
as she inclines toward his smooth face,
her eyes lowered.

The wide drawing desk shades and obscures
the red passion of his stockings. 

Affordable and lovely, Dusk Before Dawn is available from Amazon and by request at most independent booksellers and libraries. Mothers agree, it's great!