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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speaking of microfiction...

I'm biased with my background in Hispanic Literature, but I agree with the editors of Sudden Fiction Latino that best short fiction comes out of Latin America and US Latinos. There is a huge variety of stories here, a very strong point of the book. Sometimes, a story has to be read a couple of times for it to have any resonance for me, and of course different readers will prefer different stories, but with so much material, you're sure to find something that you like! I love the short-short format and feel that it can create powerful, lasting images, raise questions, and inspire more writing. I was slogging through 2666 when I got this, so I really appreciated the chance to see that Roberto Bolaño can write a complete story in less than five gazillion words! I may also be biased because the Julio Ortega who closes the collection was my Borges professor! The worst thing about this book is the cover. The flaming newspaper probably contains a statement about the media or the act of writing or reading, but it first of all suggests the barbaric practice of ear candling (to remove excess wax) and would be very off-putting in a bookstore. I received this book through a special program in the wonderful site Librarything, and I'm so glad. It is a very worthy addition to the dialog on short fiction.