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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tree/House is my darling underweight baby. By "underweight" I mean that it is a novella - only 26,000 words - and as such, it is very difficult to publish. I have it at a really great small press that specializes in shorter works (Tree/House is something of a behemoth over there). If nothing comes of that, my imprint (more on that later) will put out a second edition, with a fresher cover, some judicious editing, and one or two appropriately symbolic short stories of women's empowerment as a bonus.
The story has a lot going for it, other than the obvious advantage of being a fast read.
• A strong message. As one of my reviewers put it, "This book reminded me that I once was a free spirit and the time is now to get back to who I really am!"
• A beautiful friendship between women. The women are not perfect, but they help and complement each other with their strengths and their neuroses.
• Good writing. Another reviewer says, "wonderful descriptive language."
• Great rhythm. An astute review calls it a "page-turner"!
• A villain you can never be completely sure about. Guaranteed to leave you with that pleasantly icky feeling, this Bluebeard will haunt your imagination.
• Just the right degree of weirdness. Although the women sleep in trees and suffer unreal isolation, the psychological realism keeps you believing in them as real people. As a final reviewer put it, "An interesting look at human behavior and what many people do to try to find happiness by looking outside themselves."
Anyone who's read this book is invited to contribute to this list of good qualities!
The full reviews can be seen at the Amazon site.
I also invite you to check out the reading I did on You Tube (in two parts):
Part 1    Part 2 (Yes, that's me, about two years ago!)
Sometimes I think I should just try to turn it into a proper novel, but that fact is that I've said all I wanted to say, and I've never been one to go on and on. Enjoy!

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