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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Creative Project For All!

Now is your chance to join a highly creative project. All you really need is a Facebook account! 

An intrepid artist who calls himself Johnny Socko has decided to test how welcoming Facebook actually is. Although he cannot actively seek out new connections, he accepts all friend requests. How many people can he add? Johnny actively posts and contributes to the community in other ways, but the rule is to be completely passive with making connections. Additionally, Johnny is accepting submissions for a project stemming from this Facebook experience. On his blog, he imagines a beautiful, poignant exchange of creativity: 

Imagine walking in to fictional train station that served the whole world and every couple of hours you changed the message that was on your tee shirt. Some people are going to ask about it, some are going to comment about it, some are going to want to befriend you. Now imagine asking for some creative input from all of these people who were interested enough to establish some type of communication with you. Should be amazing right? 

Get more information at, and of course, at Facebook!

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