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Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day, Everyone! (Hire Me!)

This is not the happiest of Labor Days, considering the quantity of people who have to make do without work. But because it's September 6, I present for your consideration some of the reasons I would be a good employee. My husband and I are ready to relocate just about anywhere.

Qualities I Can Offer You: 
I'm a very hard worker and never leave a project unfinished.
I have zero tendency to procrastinate. I like to leave enough time to check my work and make sure it is error-free before a deadline.
I'm industrious and decisive.
I collaborate well in team situations.
I take pride in well-executed details.
I remain calm under stress and focused when there is no appreciable stress.
I'm highly logical and creative in problem-solving situations.
I'm great at prioritizing, planning and organizing.

Skills That Pair Well With Those Qualities:
I'm very comfortable with Microsoft Word and Excel and anything else in the Office Suite.
I have razor-like precision when it comes to using a scanner!
I can edit and develop: I have an excellent "story sense," I know the difference between raise and raze, and when to use commas.
I learn new skills quickly.
My communication skills have been honed in a wide variety of situations.
I'm fluent in Spanish. I earned a PhD in Spanish literature, taught Spanish to English-speakers, and have published translations from Spanish to English.
I can read French, Latin and Portuguese.
Though naturally shy, I have given successful professional presentations at five different academic venues.

Unique Accomplishments:
I was first in my class in college.
As a result of persistence, patience, and determination, I have published stories and poems in independent zines (see the bottom of the screen).
I've spent significant time in Spain and England, successfully adapting to different cultural and academic circumstances.
I didn't panic when my purse was stolen in Atocha train station. I found a place to stay, even though I had no money or credit cards, while I waited three days for the American Embassy to open so I could get a replacement passport. I even served as an interpreter during those three days.

Main Interests:
I would put my heart and soul into working in just about any capacity for a university, especially in study abroad programs or the library.
I would jump at the chance to do anything in the publishing industry, whether periodical or book, print or electronic.
I would love to be paid to write.
I have a naturally clear soprano voice and can carry a tune. Any early music group can approach me and expect to be well received.
Soy aficionada de la serie Amar en tiempos revueltos. Si necesitan a un personaje que tenga accento norteamericano, pueden consultarme. O si es hembra, a lo mejor, puedo representarla! Que no digan que no tengo esperanzas...
These are just suggestions. Every job has a certain nobility. I would do my best at anything.

I hope these ideas have given you a sense of the happiness, optimism, and quality I bring to my work. That's the way I choose to celebrate this Labor Day.

And please consider buying my books here and here. They won't break the bank, and you're sure to get hours of pleasure from them.