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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Name of My Publishing Company

I've always had a strong desire to get new writing out into the world for readers to enjoy, whether the writing is mine or not. In high school, I expressed a desire to be the editor at my own publishing house when my life's dream was needed for the local papers. It sounded more professional and realistic than just to say that I wanted to be a famous author, and hey, I was already a famous writer (see my first post), so I didn't want to seem lazy!

So, as some of you will be discovering soon, I've created my own "imprint." The Kindle version of Tree/House already has it listed, and Dusk Before Dawn proudly bears the name: Açedrex Publishing. But what does "Açedrex" refer to?

That's the way Alfonso X el Sabio (more about him later, no doubt) and his humble writers referred to the game of chess. In the thirteenth century, chess was strongly associated with the refined culture of the Arabs, who compiled and passed on many great treatises on the game. Alfonso himself seems to have held chess in high regard because it favored the use of intellect, rather than blind luck, as in the many popular games of chance of his day. It was also considered a pastime for the well-to-do because it required time and tranquility (what peasant had either of those?) and it could serve as a model for real-life warfare for noble knights. It was also most appropriate for people who, like Alfonso when he commissioned a tour-de-force chess treatise in 1283, found themselves aging and not as vigorous as they used to be.

"Açedrex" has therefore come to symbolize (for me, who's thought about this a little too much) refined entertainment. No pandering to the masses here, nope. The motto is "The leisure of the well-informed," a nod to Alfonso's learned reputation (well earned, I assure you!).

Once we're back on our feet financially or even just geographically, I hope to take steps to further legitimize this imprint and make it into something Alfonso might be proud of. Wish me luck! And start writing some things to submit to Açedrex!

And yes! You can still check out my brand new poetry book here!