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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Creative Participation Edition

How encouraging! I got the nicest comments yet last Sunday on the opener to Tree/House. Thanks so much, everybody! I really appreciate it.

As promised, this is the Tree/House excerpt that can be gross, but only if you want it to be! Please comment with an opinion as to what's really going on here. I'll re-post the suggestions that keep my blog PG. I might even add them to the Amazon descriptions if appropriate. (I've already had some suggestions from readers that are too scandalous.) And as always, check out the other participants here.

In this scene, if Emma wants to get home from college, she has to ride with her nasty Shakespeare professor (Franklin, whose cedar coffin we saw last week), who has invited her to see a new property he's invested in.

* * *

As he placed her bags in the trunk, Emma quickly rifled through the contents of that mysterious, innocent-looking briefcase. On the bottom was a heavy, very dry book of Shakespeare criticism Emma knew only too well from her light-and-dark project, and her hand jerked away at its touch. There was also a collected sonnets and ten really sharp pencils (ouch!) held together by a rubber band. The dust from their erasers was getting all over three silk ties in varying shades of red and a day planner. Emma felt something wet and cold under the ties. It was a pink kitchen sponge.

* * *

And don't forget to treat yourself or the reader in your life to Tree/House in paperback or Kindle!