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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday, Easter Edition

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Thank so much to everyone for their gratifying comments last week. You can find out what was happening in that clipping here.

And check out all the wonderful sets of six here.

We're celebrating the release on Kindle of the Sailing Italy series!

These six sentences come from near the beginning of Sail From Italy, when Noreena, now the queen, is interviewing the real Repual, Prince of Germany, for the position of King of Italy by marriage at a dinner party.

* * * 

Repual smiled a very large smile, considering the size of his mouth. He smiled more at that dinner party than ever before in his life, and perhaps it was just an illusion, perhaps not, his eyes seemed not quite as large and his mouth seemed not quite so small.
He liked Noreena.
Noreena thought he was sweet.
Everything was fine.
Until a dagger flew through the air and missed Noreena by a foot. 

* * *

Too thrilling for print! (Although if I reach a certain sales threshold, I will seriously consider a paperback version.) Get it on Kindle today by clicking the link above! Super cheap!