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Monday, April 18, 2011

Officially Released Today: Sail To Italy

It's the one you've been waiting for!

What if the Princess of Italy had only the help of her friends to solve the mystery of her father's murder? What if the Prince of Germany wanted to marry the Princess of Italy in a coldhearted grab for power? This book answers these and other burning questions. Along the way, the reader journeys at sea, meets pirates, bankers, and cousins, spends some time in the dungeon and very nearly gets married. Sail To Italy is a silly story with exotic locations, pirates, mistaken identity, royalty, blacksmithing, romance, and adventure.

At just over 8,000 words, this book is a fast, fun read for people who have not developed beyond the emotional and intellectual level of a thirteen-year-old. Seriously, if you can't think like someone thirteen or younger, this book is not for you. Why do I put the cap at thirteen? Because that’s how old I was when I wrote it.

When I was thirteen, the only source material I had was The Princess Bride. That books remains a major inspiration to me today, so you will see a spark here that I hope I still display: love of words, love of silliness! The biggest debt I owe to The Princess Bride here is the name of the main character. There is a Noreena in Chapter Two: The Groom, but it's not a very flattering picture. Everything else about my Noreena came from my young head. I had quite a hard time finding names for all the characters, and it gets pretty random and creative in places. I hope you enjoy. 

Buy it on Kindle today! Buy it, easy peasy, by clicking on the link above. Okay, so the cover is kind of faint, but it's the best I can do for now. If I sell enough copies, I'll correct the problem, and there may be a print version in the future. 

If you like this book, look for Sail From Italy by the same author. That's right, Sail To Italy begins a series. Sail From Italy will be officially released tomorrow.