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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Review and How to Get a Free Copy of No Turning Back

No Turning Back recently received a new review. It's thorough and articulate about the great things about this crazy novel as well as pointing out what makes it so special -- things that could be seen as negatives to some readers. Some highlights:

"If you are interested in the politics and feminist movement of post-Franco Spain, chances are you already know the work of author and activist Lidia Falcón. If you don't, you should."

"...any writer can learn from and be inspired by her masterful treatment of memory and time. I wish US authors felt free to be as fearless as Falcón."

"As Elisa remembers how she was confronted with doubts about the Party and about Arnau, the reader is simply carried along, often uncertain for a moment who is speaking or when or to whom. So what? You just keep reading and it all makes sense. It works."

"Here in the US., once Franco died, I'd blithely assumed that Spain was "free." I had no idea of the struggles and uncertainty that followed. This novel opened my eyes."

Thanks so much to this reviewer, and to anyone who takes the care and the time to discuss the finer points of a book they care about. Trust me, you aren't being presumptuous if you'd like to go online and tell the world your opinion. Such dialogues really help the book and books in general.

Previously, No Turning Back had one really positive review. See the full reviews here and add yours if you've read it!

You can borrow the Kindle edition for free until April 26. Please do! It's a great deal for you and helps us out, too!

And yes, epub lovers, that means No Turning Back will be available on Nook and possibly Kobo very soon. Watch for it!

And last but not least, don't forget to enter in the Goodreads giveaway for a FREE paperback copy of this engrossing book until May 15 only!

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No Turning Back

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The part of the review that gave me pause was the final paragraph: "I know Jessica Knauss as a very astute and intelligent editor. What I didn't know--because she never told me--is that she is also a literary translator. When I came across No Turning Back, she confessed, yes, the translation was her work. I am grateful to her for making this novel available in English." How nice to be acknowledged in that way!

I've read that you should keep your blog as a writer focused and simple. Don't confuse your potential readers with too many different topics! So I changed my banner to say simply "Author." The simplification leaked into the rest of my life. How can I let everyone know that I'm an accomplished editor, a translator, a publisher, a short story author and most recently, a novelist, without overwhelming them or seeming full of myself? I guess I can start by changing the banner.