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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Do it, One Step at a Time

So, if (and only if) I repeatedly write, I'm a writer. Cool.

Few people have internalized this idea as successfully as Dean Wesley Smith, who ghosted an entire book in ten days and didn't even think of taking a break from writing after that feat. Because he was being paid to do it. Because it needed to be done. Take a look via the link. You'll love it. Any way you slice it, it's impressive, and it's likely to inspire you. I read through his blog posts and realized that I could do something like that, too, in spite of not having a New York publisher paying me. In spite of the compliments I talked about in my last post, I've really let life get in the way. I have ideas for novels and they aren't going to write themselves.

Dean Wesley Smith gets a lot done in the wee hours, when distractions seem to be at a minimum. I wouldn't be able to do that and carry on with my business and personal life. What's worked for me in the past has been concrete deadlines. So, let me start in my new residence with the deadline of the end of the work day Friday.

By that time, I want to have completed some specific finishing touches on "Middle Awash in Talent."  I'm planning to submit it to a prize contest, and if it doesn't win publication, I'll publish it the self way.

I'll let you know how it goes next week. I also hope to have some great new material for you by then!