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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A First Glimpse of My Exciting New Project

I was planning on writing a tidy introduction to my giant new project here, but as luck would have it, I've  gained a spot in the NanoWriMo pitchapalooza put on by The Book Doctors. You, my dear readers, now have something you can take action on.

My book pitch is listed on their blog here. My pitch is the sixth down: The Seven Noble Knights of Lara by Jessica Knauss. They will select a winner, who will be put in touch with an agent or publisher, as appropriate. They'll also award a prize (a book and personal consultation) to the readers' favorite. Please vote for me!

A note: I would never have compared myself to The Godfather, thus seeming presumptuous (wow, is that ever the opposite of what I really am!), except that I thought the family revenge saga fit with the work. I hoped that was what would pop into readers' minds when they saw that, momentarily forgetting what an institution Puzo's novel has become. The suggest to reword it is great. Well, all their suggestions are great! I'll be rewriting the pitch and sharing it here, so there's something to look forward to!

Thanks  for voting, readers! I would love to get a copy of their book. As you know, publishing and writing don't really bring home the bacon these days. I deeply appreciate your support, in any form.