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Monday, May 30, 2016

Awash in Talent Book Launch Blog Tour: Read All About It!

The book launch tour has begun! Click live links, or wait for publication on the stated day.

Already, historical author Kristin Gleeson lets me share the exact moments of inspiration for Awash in Talent and how I came to participate in the Kindle Scout program and become a Kindle Press author here.

Also now, read all about some of my favorite things (castles and The Princess Bride are involved) in gracious author Teresa Roman's author spotlight.

On May 31, I'm here with historical fiction author Kim Rendfeld describing the way history influenced Awash in Talent even though it's contemporary. Providence, Rhode Island, wasn't born yesterday!

On June 1 I join author Linda Sands, who's just received a nomination for the Georgia Author of the Year Awards! Congratulate her and check out the Awash in Talent action here.

June 2, I'll have a fun and creative conversation with author Rachelle Paige here.

Author Katherine Hayton hosts me, some probing questions, and an excerpt on June 6 here.

Author Seymour Hamilton and I really get into the sociocultural issues in Awash in Talent on June 7, release day, here.

Also June 7, release day, a conversation about whether anyone should start writing with Craig A. Hart here.

June 8 will see me at Today's Author conversing with fellow Kindle Press author Katie O'Rourke.

I'm at Writers Reach on June 10 with Kindle Press author Jennifer Skutelsky discussing Kindle Scout success, inspiration, and whom I would choose to lead me through the great beyond here.

I send out my sincere thanks to everyone who's hosted me!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Awash in Talent is Available for Preorder Now

The book at the top of every wish list 
Confirmation: The link we've all been waiting for has arrived! Awash in Talent is available for preorder here. Everyone who nominated it should have received a notification to download their free copy! I know I did!

Queen of the castle because I'm a published author!

If you didn't nominate it during its Kindle Scout campaign, now is your chance to get in on the Gilmore Girls-with-a-paranormal-twist action. Help it reach its potential and I will be grateful to you forever.

Even better, it already has a five-star review from someone I'm not related to.

The official release is June 7, and the softcover is coming right around then, too.

This great news means the blog tour has begun! Check back here for links to interviews, excerpts, and all kinds of Awash in Talent fun.

Monday, May 16, 2016

You May be Wondering...

While all those great interviews have been going on, you may have wondering what was going on with Awash in Talent. It's on its way! I've gone over the edits, which have helped clarify some of Emily's contorted thinking, and the manuscript is being formatted as you read.

Kindle Scout nominators will receive their free copies and Awash in Talent will be released as a preorder next week! And then the fun really starts rolling. I'll be sharing lots of interviews and guest posts and there will be a softcover giveaway involved.

Just so you don't think I've been lazy, I'd like to share my new website with you. With the help and artistry of Amygdala Design, finally has just about everything I ever wanted for it. It's been a lot of work, but the fun kind of work—a labor of love. I'm putting the finishing touches on as I find a spare moment here and there. Take a browse and please tell me if you think anything is missing.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Today at Unusual Historicals: My Characters' Moment in Space and Time

Me and my gal, Lambra
This month, Unusual Historicals is letting us historical fiction authors go crazy on our favorite topics: the "unusual" setting and time period of our stories! Mine is about the formative history taking place during Seven Noble Knights"My Characters Lived in... Tenth-Century Spain" has tons of information and pictures I've gathered over my many years of obsession with medieval Spain. Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Branching Out as a Writer: An Interview with Armand Rosamilia

Fellow Kindle Press author Armand Rosamilia is stopping by today. For his Kindle Scout experience, he branched out from his usual writing routine.

Armand Rosamilia 
JK: What is Dirty Deeds about? Have you written many crime thrillers?

AR: Dirty Deeds is my first official foray into crime thriller fiction. It started out as a much darker idea... about a hit man who kills children. It luckily evolved into a story I wanted to make more mainstream and for more potential readers to enjoy, so it is still about a guy who is paid to kill children... but he doesn't actually do it. He saves them and gets them into better situations, although one of these supposed deaths from years ago comes back and his cover might be blown.

JK: What inspired these ideas?

AR: I think what inspired me is all of the horror fiction I read and write coupled with my wife watching Investigation Discovery every night. 

JK: Did you enjoy your Kindle Scout experience? How was it different from other publishing you’ve done?

AR: The 30 days my book was in the Kindle Scout program were nerve-wracking. It felt like forever and I hadn't been that nervous in years about a submission.

JK: I know what you mean. Mine was the longest February of my life!

AR: I'm glad I did it, though, because I learned quite a bit about marketing and engaging new readers. I felt like I'd become stagnant with the wonderful fan base I have. Complacent. With Kindle Scout and promoting a crime thriller, something I don't normally write and in a slightly different focus (no profanity, no over-the-top sex or violence) it helped me to reach new readers. I am so glad I tried because it has definitely taken me to the next level. Plus, all of my back-list has started to sell even better and I'd like to think a big chunk of that is because new readers loved Dirty Deeds and wanted to read more from me. 

JK: Podcasts seem to be the up-and-coming new platform for authors, and you have two. What topics do they cover? 

AR: I started out about four years ago on an AM station, which turned into a small FM station. Then I did internet radio. I got into podcasting because I saw it would be a definite plus for me as an author. I'd been on a few great podcasts and I saw it helped sales and getting my name out there. I started Arm Cast Podcast about two years ago and I'm coming up on my one hundredth episode soon. I interview other authors and it is very casual. Two writers having a chat about the business and the craft. I've had on musicians, filmmakers, actors and actresses as well, entertainment people. Each episode lasts about an hour and has two interviews. Every Friday you can hear it on Project iRadio

The second podcast I do now is Arm N Toof'sDead Time Podcast, co-hosted with author Mark Tufo. We run about an hour every Wednesday and interview one guest. We talk to quite a few film makers, actors, and actresses. We also run it very casual and leave the bloopers and screw-ups in. It is also on ProjectiRadio and I couldn't be more happy about the reach and the interaction with listeners. 

JK: We’ll be sure to tune in! Thank you for stopping by.

AR: Thanks for the interview!

Be sure to check out Dirty Deeds and find all the latest from Armand at his website:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Small Town Romance: An Interview with Kindle Press Author Rachelle Paige

Small town contemporary romance author Rachelle Paige is a fellow Kindle Scout winner. She’s visiting today from to share a little about her series and her writing.
Author Rachelle Paige 
JK: Tell us about your Kindle Press novel. Is it similar to any other novels you may have written or published?

RP: My Kindle Press novel, Tiny Island Summer, is the second in my contemporary romance series. Set in a beautiful small town on an island in Lake Superior, the True North series is all about finding home (and love). I won Kindle Scout with my second novel.

JK: How is your life different since winning Kindle Scout? 

RP: The biggest change is that winning Kindle Scout encouraged me to share my novels with friends and family. Their support has propelled me forward.

JK: What are you working on now? 

RP: I just finished the final two novels in my True North series, On the Rocks (to be released this month) and Across the Lake (to be released in June). After several months of editing, I am jumping back into writing the next novel in my new, sweet romance series, Golden Shores. The first novel, Tidal Patterns, is available now.

JK: Aside from writing, what are you really good at? 

RP: Planning. I know that answer sounds vague, but my specialty is thinking about a project from all angles and planning out everything so the project is flawless. This is notable especially for vacations and parties (my kids’ birthdays and our wedding the most notable). I love planning so much that for a brief while I was an assistant to a wedding planner. And I LOVED that job.

JK: Is there anything unusual about your writing methods? 

RP: The only thing unusual is the time. I’m a full-time mom to two active boys (the youngest is a toddler). I don’t get time to write until after they go to bed. As a morning person, this was really tough to get used to, but now I find I have a hard time working during the day (when I get the rare chance)

JK: Do you have a favorite quote?

RP: I love the Teddy Roosevelt quote “Get action.” I’m not one to sit around and wait for something to happen.

I recommend the readers of this blog take that quote to heart and “get action” by visiting Rachelle’s web site!