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Monday, May 2, 2016

Small Town Romance: An Interview with Kindle Press Author Rachelle Paige

Small town contemporary romance author Rachelle Paige is a fellow Kindle Scout winner. She’s visiting today from to share a little about her series and her writing.
Author Rachelle Paige 
JK: Tell us about your Kindle Press novel. Is it similar to any other novels you may have written or published?

RP: My Kindle Press novel, Tiny Island Summer, is the second in my contemporary romance series. Set in a beautiful small town on an island in Lake Superior, the True North series is all about finding home (and love). I won Kindle Scout with my second novel.

JK: How is your life different since winning Kindle Scout? 

RP: The biggest change is that winning Kindle Scout encouraged me to share my novels with friends and family. Their support has propelled me forward.

JK: What are you working on now? 

RP: I just finished the final two novels in my True North series, On the Rocks (to be released this month) and Across the Lake (to be released in June). After several months of editing, I am jumping back into writing the next novel in my new, sweet romance series, Golden Shores. The first novel, Tidal Patterns, is available now.

JK: Aside from writing, what are you really good at? 

RP: Planning. I know that answer sounds vague, but my specialty is thinking about a project from all angles and planning out everything so the project is flawless. This is notable especially for vacations and parties (my kids’ birthdays and our wedding the most notable). I love planning so much that for a brief while I was an assistant to a wedding planner. And I LOVED that job.

JK: Is there anything unusual about your writing methods? 

RP: The only thing unusual is the time. I’m a full-time mom to two active boys (the youngest is a toddler). I don’t get time to write until after they go to bed. As a morning person, this was really tough to get used to, but now I find I have a hard time working during the day (when I get the rare chance)

JK: Do you have a favorite quote?

RP: I love the Teddy Roosevelt quote “Get action.” I’m not one to sit around and wait for something to happen.

I recommend the readers of this blog take that quote to heart and “get action” by visiting Rachelle’s web site!