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Monday, May 30, 2016

Awash in Talent Book Launch Blog Tour: Read All About It!

The book launch tour has begun! Click live links, or wait for publication on the stated day.

Already, historical author Kristin Gleeson lets me share the exact moments of inspiration for Awash in Talent and how I came to participate in the Kindle Scout program and become a Kindle Press author here.

Also now, read all about some of my favorite things (castles and The Princess Bride are involved) in gracious author Teresa Roman's author spotlight.

On May 31, I'm here with historical fiction author Kim Rendfeld describing the way history influenced Awash in Talent even though it's contemporary. Providence, Rhode Island, wasn't born yesterday!

On June 1 I join author Linda Sands, who's just received a nomination for the Georgia Author of the Year Awards! Congratulate her and check out the Awash in Talent action here.

June 2, I'll have a fun and creative conversation with author Rachelle Paige here.

Author Katherine Hayton hosts me, some probing questions, and an excerpt on June 6 here.

Author Seymour Hamilton and I really get into the sociocultural issues in Awash in Talent on June 7, release day, here.

Also June 7, release day, a conversation about whether anyone should start writing with Craig A. Hart here.

June 8 will see me at Today's Author conversing with fellow Kindle Press author Katie O'Rourke.

I'm at Writers Reach on June 10 with Kindle Press author Jennifer Skutelsky discussing Kindle Scout success, inspiration, and whom I would choose to lead me through the great beyond here.

I send out my sincere thanks to everyone who's hosted me!