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Monday, May 9, 2016

Branching Out as a Writer: An Interview with Armand Rosamilia

Fellow Kindle Press author Armand Rosamilia is stopping by today. For his Kindle Scout experience, he branched out from his usual writing routine.

Armand Rosamilia 
JK: What is Dirty Deeds about? Have you written many crime thrillers?

AR: Dirty Deeds is my first official foray into crime thriller fiction. It started out as a much darker idea... about a hit man who kills children. It luckily evolved into a story I wanted to make more mainstream and for more potential readers to enjoy, so it is still about a guy who is paid to kill children... but he doesn't actually do it. He saves them and gets them into better situations, although one of these supposed deaths from years ago comes back and his cover might be blown.

JK: What inspired these ideas?

AR: I think what inspired me is all of the horror fiction I read and write coupled with my wife watching Investigation Discovery every night. 

JK: Did you enjoy your Kindle Scout experience? How was it different from other publishing you’ve done?

AR: The 30 days my book was in the Kindle Scout program were nerve-wracking. It felt like forever and I hadn't been that nervous in years about a submission.

JK: I know what you mean. Mine was the longest February of my life!

AR: I'm glad I did it, though, because I learned quite a bit about marketing and engaging new readers. I felt like I'd become stagnant with the wonderful fan base I have. Complacent. With Kindle Scout and promoting a crime thriller, something I don't normally write and in a slightly different focus (no profanity, no over-the-top sex or violence) it helped me to reach new readers. I am so glad I tried because it has definitely taken me to the next level. Plus, all of my back-list has started to sell even better and I'd like to think a big chunk of that is because new readers loved Dirty Deeds and wanted to read more from me. 

JK: Podcasts seem to be the up-and-coming new platform for authors, and you have two. What topics do they cover? 

AR: I started out about four years ago on an AM station, which turned into a small FM station. Then I did internet radio. I got into podcasting because I saw it would be a definite plus for me as an author. I'd been on a few great podcasts and I saw it helped sales and getting my name out there. I started Arm Cast Podcast about two years ago and I'm coming up on my one hundredth episode soon. I interview other authors and it is very casual. Two writers having a chat about the business and the craft. I've had on musicians, filmmakers, actors and actresses as well, entertainment people. Each episode lasts about an hour and has two interviews. Every Friday you can hear it on Project iRadio

The second podcast I do now is Arm N Toof'sDead Time Podcast, co-hosted with author Mark Tufo. We run about an hour every Wednesday and interview one guest. We talk to quite a few film makers, actors, and actresses. We also run it very casual and leave the bloopers and screw-ups in. It is also on ProjectiRadio and I couldn't be more happy about the reach and the interaction with listeners. 

JK: We’ll be sure to tune in! Thank you for stopping by.

AR: Thanks for the interview!

Be sure to check out Dirty Deeds and find all the latest from Armand at his website: