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Sunday, August 21, 2011

SSS: The Wedding Really Blows Up

You thought the wedding was in trouble before? Don't look now, but the cavalry's here!

Some of you were dissatisfied with where the snippet cut off last week. I'm keeping very strictly to six sentences. Lambra's been looking around her, and now we see why:

* * *

"Justa, what can I use for a weapon?" she said, but Ruy Blásquez, holding his nose with both hands, mustered the strength to call into the crowd.

"My warriors! Will you abide this affront to your lord? To arms, to arms!"

The onlookers made way as all the knights under Ruy Blásquez's fealty came from their posts on the riverbank, pulling out their shields and unsheathing their swords. Gonzalo, nearly swooning, tipped and landed in the supportive arms of his brothers, but his arms reached around him in search of a weapon.

* * *

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