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Sunday, August 28, 2011

SSS: Will Young Gonzalo See Reason?

A pageant of Los Siete Infantes in Castrillo de la Reina, Spain.
In such a situation as I've been posting these several weeks, nobody's in the right. But Gonzalo isn't quite ready to admit any wrongdoing (following from last week):

* * *

 “Gonzalico, you’re half dead and there must be a hundred of them!” his oldest brother Diego tried to reason with him.
Crouching close to his ear, Fernando González, told his youngest brother, “Don’t you think it’s unpardonable to have caused such a scene at our uncle’s wedding?” 
But even as he was unable to keep his own feet under him, Gonzalo shook his head and tried to wield a sword. Doña Sancha threw her hands up in despair. The clattering soldiers crushing in upon them, she looked to her husband. With a nod toward her, don Gonzalo Gustioz took his youngest son into his arms and kept him from falling, from grasping at weapons, or even from speaking.

* * * 

UPDATE: Yes, father and son have the same name. "-ico" is a diminutive for the younger one. All the brothers have the last name "González" because it's a patronymic. The elder (don) Gonzalo's father was Gustio, hence his patronymic "Gustioz." I'll put together a family chart and post it next week for anyone who's interested to come and see!

Thanks so much for the encouragement last week! This week I'm not sure about (what's new?), so as always, I appreciate comments.

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I'll be taking a break from SSS in September to celebrate my anniversary and to devote more time to writing and my editing job. We'll see how long I can stay away. Please look for me in October!

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