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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Readers, Only You Can Help Authors

Jeri Westerson recently laid out some things active readers can do to support their favorite authors in this exciting, confusing time. I don't necessarily think these are obligations, or even responsibilities, as she puts it, but if readers do decide to actively support a certain author, they need to know that their actions have huge, direct effects on the publishing industry, so they should purchase and engage in social media in a conscious manner.

I love being a writer, but like most other authors I'm struggling to get my writing noticed above the sound and fury.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I've already asked you to help me save the rhinos (here and here), but I have some great ideas for random acts of kindness, too. These are all things I've done to support other authors, but I figure my birthday is a great excuse to call you out in force for my sake!

You could buy my books. Try these links or request them at your local library or bookstore.

Tree/House: paperback Kindle Nook Kobo eTLC
Dusk Before Dawn: paperback Kindle Nook Kobo
Sail to Italy and Sail from Italy: paperback Kindle Nook Kobo
Threads Woven: Kindle Nook Kobo
Law and Order in Medieval Spain: paperback Kindle Nook Kobo
The Abencerraje: paperback Kindle (Also, you can still borrow it for free if you're Amazon Prime! It's like Christmas for me when you do!)

Lots to choose from!

If you have no money to spare (or, and especially if, I already gave you a free copy), these other highly appreciated acts will cost you nothing but a little bit of time.

Step 1: Log into Amazon. It's basically the same no matter which country you prefer. Search my books or use the links provided above.

Step 2: Click the Like button.

Step 3: If you've read it and liked it, write a review. If there are other reviews, click the button indicating that they were useful to you. If there are bad reviews or ones you don't agree with, vote them down. Contact me for free review copies if you haven't read it and it looks interesting to you.

Step 4: Share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (if you are so inclined).

Step 5: Scroll down until you see the section about "Tags."

With a few simple clicks, you can agree with all the relevant tags. (In this example, "crime drama" isn't relevant, so please don't agree with it.) Then you can fill in the box with any other relevant tags you can think of for that book. Creative and amusing!

Still at Amazon, you also can go to my Amazon author page and click on the Like button, look at videos, and share it via twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even that old dinosaur, email.

It already feels better to help my cheery, thoughtful books than to play Angry Birds, doesn't it!

If you have a account (I highly recommend it!), you can add my books, rate them with four or five stars (if you like them, that is), and if you really like them, add a review and add them to lists and suggest them to other readers. You can also become my fan. I'd love to have you!

Returning to this blog, there are a few more things you can do to help out.

1. Follow this blog. Get your picture up there on the left with all the other Truly Awesome People or type in your email address (I won't spam you).

2. Use the easy-peasy buttons just below the followers to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I also have other Facebook pages and amusing places to visit listed in the Contact Me page.

3. Use the silly simple buttons at the bottom of each post you like to share it via email, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

4. Comment on posts you like. Let's get the conversation going!

Did you even know there were so many ways you as the reader could assist your favorite authors? Every click helps raise Amazon rankings and makes books more visible to search engines so your favorite authors can find their sometimes elusive but always lovable target readers.

Thank you. Any of these actions performed in kindness will help to boost the world's karma in some small way. This is just about the only feedback I can get for my job, and I take it all very seriously.

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