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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Many Ways to Get Your Book to Your Readers

Terry Giuliano Long created a stir with the blog post Where Do Books Come From? It explains for the uninitiated (and some confused industry insiders) the differences between traditional and self-publishing and the untold advantages being unlocked by the latter in the wacky, wild, changing publishing climate.

Most of the claims in the article are undeniable. I've reviewed a few self-published novels over the life of this blog and in general, they've been worthy efforts, so I support the freedoms self-publishing provides to people with the chutzpah to do a good job.

I would really like to know: is the stigma really wearing off? What is the reader's opinion of self-published books? With the improvements in self-publishing options, how can readers distinguish which ones are of an acceptable writing quality? Does the reader ever miss the gatekeeping function of traditional publishing?