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Friday, August 17, 2012

Rhinoceros Dreams Available in Jake's Monthly (Magic Realism)

The classic rhinoceros story by rhino enthusiast and multi-published author Jessica Knauss (little me), "Rhinoceros Dreams," is now available for purchase along with nine other wonderful magic realism stories in Jake's Monthly Anthology: Magic Realism

This story appeared in an Australian magazine called This Mutant Life, which then went out of print, dashing everyone's hopes for reading a fun, rhino-filled story in the future. Weep no more! The story is back and better than ever. (I'm not just saying that -- I edited it for point of view slippage and a few other misdemeanors before I even submitted it to Jake.)

It already has a book trailer:

Referring to "Rhinoceros Dreams," the editor says, "This story is so original and surreal that it'd be a crime not to accept it. This is high-quality, intriguing-premise M[agic] R[ealism] at its finest." I've never received higher praise.  The anthology is available in all ebook formats -- check at your favorite vendor! If you go here (and get an account), you can set your own price. That's right, no one can stop you from putting a big fat 0 in the price box. It's basically free! Enjoy!

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