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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love in This Crazy World

Before we left Pennsylvania, I saw that a certain lit mag was inviting submissions on love. They recognized that there weren't a lot of love stories out there these days. What a great idea! Let's put some love back into the world! I came up woth a great idea for an allegory for me and my husband: a couple goes through disaster after disaster, but they're ever so happy, as long as they're together.

I think I wrote it in a lively, clever way, with lots of banter and crazy random sutff happening -- just the sort of thing I would like to read. At under 1000 words, it wouldn't ruin anyone's day to read it, even if they didn't like it. Of course, the lit mag in question didn't take it. I've submitted it to a couple of other places already, only to be rejected. I've gotten feedback from it that really only shows that the editors didn't "get" it, they had no idea what the point of the story was.

Maybe people don't get love anymore?

Maybe it's not as fun to read as I thought?

In the absence of a workshop (I hope to correct that very soon) or any other rmeaningful advice, I must stay true to my vision.

So, it looks like I'm left with yet another wonderful short story, floating around in the ether in hopes of finding an audience, somewhere, somehow. I won't give up on this little story any more easily than I would give up on my husband. Try, try, again.