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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

World Rhino Day 2015

It's World Rhino Day! How are you celebrating rhinos and helping their cause?

All five species are beautiful examples of cornerstone species that mean the world to their environments. All five species are in trouble.

The smiling Javan rhino. About 60 individuals.
The uniquely harry Sumatran rhino. Fewer than 100.
The real-life unicorn, the Indian rhino. About 3000 individuals.
The beauty queen black rhino. About 4,500.
The gentle giant, the white rhino. About 19,000. 
In Africa, two or three rhinos are murdered every day for their horns, so these numbers, sadly, are only decreasing. I look forward to a World Rhino Day when we can celebrate without thinking about these insane facts, when humans will no longer harass rhinos, who never asked for anything from us.

Except maybe a little love.