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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Finally Here! The New Edition of Tree/House!

It's going to take a while for the "search inside" feature to catch up, but here it is, the new edition! Just click on the ad to check it out, or see the CreateSpace page here. (As usual, I get more royalties from the CreateSpace page. Consider it your holiday gift to me.)

The new edition has black-and-white photos chosen for their relationship to the story. Two come from Emma's photo album: the Mexican pavilion at Epcot Center and the Shakespeare library at the estate. Others were taken at different locations in Pennsylvania to represent the snow storm and the untamed parts of the estate. They should all impart a sense of calm to the reader. I hope they will give the reader a sense of the beauty of nature, and of the beauty within.

The text also makes better use of the page, and as you can see, the cover has been redesigned and is now much more attractive. I hope you will be proud to have it on your shelf.

The two bonus stories are both highly symbolic means of dealing with the same themes in Tree/House: femininity, awakening, honoring creativity and the less manicured parts of life.

"The Consequences of Neglect and How to Make Amends" took some inspiration in Latin American short stories of fallen angels, but the disgraced icon has a completely different meaning connected directly to Clarissa Pinkola Estés's Women Who Run With the Wolves.

"Anonymous" is a re-imagining (or first imagining) of the real authors of folk tales, unsigned tomes, and any culture's basic mythos. It touches on the subconscious origin of the great stories as well as themes of psychological imprisonment and freedom.

The new stories and the photos are provided at the same cost as the first edition. Enjoy! 

Note: both sites still list the publication date as 2008, but I assure you that the old edition is no longer available. You will receive the new volume, dated 2011!