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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look at Me, Paris and London!

I can now say that something I wrote, with my name on it, is available at the ultra-fabulous (from the literature point-of-view) Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris (France, people!). This is thanks to Do Not Look at the Sun, Issue 4 "Poems for Park Benches," Autumn 2010 (get previews here). For once, I'm at the beginning of the issue (at least in the online preview) instead of the end.

Do Not Look at the Sun is a highly creative endeavor. Much more visual than I would even have come up with myself, the editors generously distribute the 'zine for free in public spaces in Paris, and now London, and also in some really fine bookstores in both cities. It can also be purchased online for a nominal fee. Three euros should not break anyone's bank!

I admire their creativity, so rampant that they can hardly keep it to themselves. They describe the pieces they publish as "misfit" lit, and I didn't have anything untraditional enough for the longest time. Then, earlier this year, as part of the moving-in process in Pennsylvania, I was archiving my old journals and considering how different my memories of the events were from the way I described them. I cam up with an image of grasping words, and titled it "Experience." I didn't think it was publishable as it was, and then I  remembered all the wonderful "misfits" that end up in Do Not Look at the Sun.

So, hey, I have published work available at Shakespeare and Company in Paris!