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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free EBook, Endorsed by One of the Great Writers of Our Time

The Abencerraje is still free on Kindle -- but not for long -- in commemoration of my having set foot in Spain 20 years ago. Sometime before 5 pm on the first day and all the way to after 3 pm on the second day, it ranked in the top 20 downloads on Amazon in Literary Fiction! I'm awed that my name appeared on the same page as some of the most venerable titles today: The Language of Flowers, The Paris Wife, Water for Elephants, Bring Up The Bodies, The Help, and War Brides. This is definitely my nearest brush with fame so far.

In addition, The Abencerraje is now endorsed by not only Independent Judge of Niceness Stan Coombs, but also a writer I truly admire, Seymour Hamilton. Get it for free, or Amazon Prime members, please borrow it for free (thank you!) here.

What Seymour Hamilton has to say makes me incredibly happy! Please see the whole review.
Excerpts: "I was transported into a heroic medieval past that may or may not have existed, but surely should have. It is a tale that recalls the stories in the Arthurian cycle in which bold and true knights defending their honour and lady-loves. I know no Spanish beyond the ability to ask for more beer, but it seems to me that Jessica Knauss has captured the flavour of the language and the time in her translation, without resorting to pseudo-medievalisms -- such as "quoth" , "doth" and "forsooth" -- that mar so many historical novels. She gives us the story, "straight up" in the voice of the anonymous Spanish narrator, with no modern asides or explanations save for a few useful footnotes that do not impede the flow.... Abencerraje is a good story that deserves the fresh translation Knauss offers."