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Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day for Free EBook

It's the last day to pick up your free copy of The Abencerraje for any Kindle platform you desire: ereader, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and any other technology imagined and unimaginable. Get it here while you still can! Remember, this book is endorsed by two extremely good judges, Stan Coombs and Seymour Hamilton. Add your opinion to theirs when you've read it.

Amazon Prime members can (pretty please!) still borrow it for free and make me the happiest publisher on the planet until August 22. Thank you!

As you know, this free book is in celebration of an astounding two decades having passed since I first went to Spain. It was 1992, The Year of Spain: the 500th anniversary of Columbus's voyage, the Olympics in Barcelona, and the World Expo in Sevilla. Sixteen years had already passed since the death of Franco. It was a great time to be in Spain. I wandered the streets of Granada, dipped my toes in the Mediterranean, and felt the awe of the Alhambra palace, which is on the front cover of The Abencerraje. I took the cover picture myself when I was visiting with my dear mother in 2005. So yes, it's a real place. I didn't make up all that beauty. This is non-fiction, folks. Whether or not you think the events in The Abencerraje could really have happened, I know in my heart that the beauty of the place makes them completely possible.