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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

World Rhino Day 2013: Writing About Rhinos

Five Species, one huge amount of charm. Love those rhinos.
I'm posting a little early for World Rhino Day 2013 — the real day is September 22 — because this year, it falls on a Sunday, and I want to be sure my readers have time to browse the options and make plans.

I'm also participating in a Twitter storm or Twitfest or something via Help them reach one million Tweets by using the #! Thanks!

Check out the World Rhino Day Website for a listing of most of the events happening all over the world. You're sure to find something near you. Please have a blast and help the rhinos!

The 2014 International Rhino Keeper Association Calendar is on sale on the IRKA front page. It's only $22 until Word Rhino Day, so get it before the price goes up and it's sold out! It benefits the Sumatran rhino sanctuary. Sumatran rhinos are the last descendants of the extinct woolly rhino that roamed ice-age Asia and there are only about 150 of them on Earth. They need your help so they can become not so rare! In in return you get a really awesome calendar that will be the envy of everyone who had to purchase discounted kittens in January.

Neither my husband's nor my photo was voted to be the main picture for any month, but a photo I took in 2011 at the San Diego Zoo received enough votes that it will appear as one of the smaller photos somewhere in the calendar (with my husband's name credited). Yeah!

In honor of World Rhino Day 2013, I pledge to write a novel about rhinos. It's the only thing I can offer right now, and it represents a huge commitment. I have a premise and a few scenes, but no plot per se. I promise to do everything in my power to get the research and outlining done in time for NaNoWriMo. With any luck, I'll have a finished gift for these sweet creatures before greed wipes them off the face of the Earth.

Just in time to celebrate, my story, "Rhinoceros Dreams," a masterpiece of magical realism, is now available in print in Recollections, the Jake's Monthly softcover anthology. Look on page 67!

I'll be wearing my rhino necklace and telling everyone I see that it's World Rhino day on Sunday! See you there.

In case you're not sure why rhinos should never go extinct, here are some irresistible rhino babies.