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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Anthology Debut

Please join me in welcoming the holiday anthology, A World of Joy, into this world! Twenty-two stories of yuletide cheer for you to enjoy for free!

My story in this collection is called "Axe Man." I've never written a "holiday" story before, so I dug around in my own life experience and the resulting story is based not-very-loosely on my husband and me. It shows our situation accurate in everything except the fine details, and I hope it communicates the depth of our love for each other. What could be more appropriate for the holidays?

The plot centers around our longing for stability after these years of moving every six months. And yes, it features a visit from a certain Christmas eve traveler! I hope my take on St. Nicholas is unconventional and surprising without subtracting from the spirit of joy he imparts.

So anyway, if you'd like to read a slightly fantastical story about two tired people in love, you can do it for free with a download of A World of Joy. It will soon be available in all the ebook stores you can imagine.

In December, I'll be featuring short interviews with six of the other authors of the varied stories in this exciting anthology. Be sure to tune in!