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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Interview: World of Joy Author Marcy Dyer

Welcome Marcy Dyer to the blog as the second guest in the World of Joy interview series. Her story in the anthology is called "Bleak Christmas."

JK: What is your World of Joy story about?

MD: The main character in my story is Gabby. She's grieving and wants nothing to do with Christmas. Until she meets a young girl, Jenny. Jenny's kindness changes Gabby's outlook.

JK: What was the inspiration for the story? How does it reflect your experience of the holidays?

MD: I have difficulty relating to Gabby, because I have never endured her circumstances, but as nurse who worked in hospice for many years, I've been with family members as they faced the holidays without joy because of their loss. They provided some of the inspiration for the story.

It reflects the holidays for me, because I feel Christmas should be a time of year to reach out to others — those who are hurting or less fortunate.

JK: What else have you written and published? 

MD: This story is a departure from my usual writing. I normally write Christian Suspense/Romantic Suspense. I have two books out now, Down & Out and Out for Blood. Both are available in electronic format and in February, Down & Out will come out in paperback.

JK: Thanks for visiting my blog for this joyous interview series.

Please visit Marcy's website:
Her books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
And don't forget to pick up your free copy of A World of Joy!