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Monday, May 19, 2014

Think of the Rhinos

White rhino relaxing with a friend.
According to Fight for Rhinos, it actually helps keep wildlife poaching down when people actively write and share about the problem on social media!

So of course I'm doing my part to keep rhinos, my favorite creatures, who happen to be in critical danger, in the public eye.

Here's some great news: Vietnam now admits that rhino horn DOES NOT cure cancer. In fact, rhino horn has no medicinal properties at all — that can't be overemphasized!

In other news, there are probably only about 30 Javan rhinos left on planet Earth. Actually, the video at this Kickstarter project to photograph them before they're gone explains it all. I decided to support this project, despite the strange sensation that this man is looking to cash in on the Javan rhino's rarity. I would really like to have some pictures of these rhinos if we just can't have them on the planet much longer. To be totally honest, I wish I could be a part of such an amazing expedition! So by getting the updates, I'll live vicariously. As of this blogging, the project has a good chance to get funded, so take a look and enjoy!

And keep sharing about rhinos!