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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Origin of Slippers

"Slippers," a charming microfiction piece published by Sillymess this summer (see bottom of page for a direct link), is a new piece I came up with as a result of losing my slippers whenever I try to navigate the stairs in our house. No matter how high the back on them, how tight the toe, slippers always slip right off my feet, and then it becomes a big production -- do you keep going and retrieve the lost footwear later? Do you pick them up now? Or is there a nice man behind you to hand them back to you? How complicated is life!

My toes are flexible enough that if there were a handlebar inside the slipper, they could grab on and carry the slipper up the stairs along with the feet. If you carry this out logically, you realize that each handlebar would have to be specially fitted, etc. But as an on-the-fly solution, it was very pleasing.

In the story, the female is a woman with flexible toes who doesn't realize she's in the wrong relationship. I know it's the wrong relationship for her because the male character doesn't know how flexible her toes really are. Also, he takes everything way too seriously. In his seriousness, he fails to realize the potential behind silly ideas. Tsk, tsk. That idea made the piece a perfect fit for something called Sillymess.