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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Humble Book-Club Hit is Now a HUGE Bargain

Tree/House has made it onto the amazing site! As of 8 pm tonight (PST, 9 pm for me and 11 pm EST), you can find the listing. Click on it and buy in Kindle edition, and you'll help these bargain-hunting gals maintain their incredible public service. If you're new to e-reading, Daily Cheap Reads has informative and easy-to-follow guides and suggestions. You'll never build a library so inexpensively again.

Click on the ad here and buy the book in any edition and you'll help me continue providing you with fun blogs and great reads.

The price will never get lower, and it's for a limited time.

All proceeds will go toward building my new site,

Tell all your friends!

Tree/House goes over really well in book clubs. Ask me for classroom tools, teachers! I'm also looking for talent to make a movie version.