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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Happy New Format!

In order to start out 2011 as auspiciously as possible, it is my pleasure to announce that Tree/House is now available in all the digital formats offered by Barnes and Noble. This edition is for those of you who got a non-Amazon e-reader this holiday season. It also contains the new editing and the black and white photos from the new print edition. Now there's no excuse and no escape! Get yours today here! Contact me to get your own specially designed bookmark, free-of-charge. 

As ever, Tree/House is also available in a print edition with a lovely cover, photos, and two bonus short stories as well as Kindle format, which can be used on just about any device you have, provided you have the software. 

And to really get celebrating, I'll include this enchanting, unsolicited review I recently found in the Amazon listing:

Unexpectedly Loved This Book - Quirky, intriguing with a bit of literary mixed in, November 12, 2010
by Roxanne McHenry, Unruly Guides, Writer, SEO Consultant

Jessica's book delighted me and Tree/House has a smart, intellectual appeal that other fiction I've read recently completely lacks.
     I was looking for Jessica's other books when I found this title in the Kindle Store. I tried the sample and within 2 pages I knew this would be a great read. Events immediately take a turn into the unexpected in the first chapter, and I loved seeing the world through the eyes of the protagonist. She asks herself a lot of questions as she moves ahead to a new life and new experiences (I guess I can relate to that).
     The story isn't written strictly for commercial appeal. In fact this story has more of a literary style than the last 5-8 books I've read. I think the difference is those authors intended to write the next great book that sells (some were really entertaining, but didn't delight me or have intellectual appeal). Seeing Jessica's list of previous publications on her site, it makes sense that she's a writer with a story to unfold (not necessarily to craft for sales).
     I chose not to reveal what happens in the story to allow it to magically unfold its surprises. I find it interesting that the early reviewers are all from Massachusetts for some reason. Well, I'm from Montana...but oops!... I grew up in Massachusetts. Makes me wonder what that connection's about, but I think that readers from other places will enjoy this book, too. A whole-hearted five stars.

It goes without saying that I love everything about this review. It makes me feel appreciated in all the right ways. But it's especially gratifying to that the writer seems to recognize that I wrote Tree/House for the love of it, that the characters came to me with their story and I felt obliged to write it for them. I think my readers can really feel the love ... not to get too mushy!

In short, Tree/House is an honest, quirky, intriguing book that would love to find a way into your heart in any format.