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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentences for Your Rhinoceros Pleasure (Newly Published Today!)

Thanks for all the comments last Sunday! I can tell there are a lot of people out there wonderful enough to read Sail To Italy! Those of you who indicated that they would like to be in the drawing for a free pdf have been thrown into the hat. There's still time to throw your name in, too: drawing takes place April 20. Just mention here that you'd be only too thrilled to get a free pdf of Sail To and Sail From Italy in your inbox, and Fate will roll her dice.

Today I've got a happy rhino (one of the sisters from the Phoenix zoo) because it's the release day of my flash fiction piece, "A Business Venture in Glue," in Stanley the Whale. I've written about my love for this piece and problems finding someone else who appreciates its quirks on this blog before. So I won't prattle on about it today, except to say that I'm honored by Stanley the Whale's acceptance, especially since I've really liked some of the pieces they've had in the past. Here are six sentences from it to tempt you into looking at the whole magazine.

* * *

“Hey!” I cried from my place on the edge of the highway. I ran toward him. “What did you do to that beautiful animal?”
He rolled his eyes at me, then held out his hand.
“The rhino’s fine, see?”
I peered into the lines of his hand. 

* * *

Update 5:20 pm Arizona Time: It's finally up! Click on this link to read the whole thing! I'll be sure to let you know when it's out in print. Thanks for stopping by.

Tomorrow: Sail To Italy! (Refer to last Sunday for six sentences from it.)