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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pop Up In Pittsburgh, PA!

Attention, Pittsburgh, PA residents! On May 7, Fleeting Pages, a "pop-up" bookstore housed in a closed Borders. Get down there soon after it opens, because, as a pop-up often does, this one will fade fast and close within a month!

Fleeting Pages is a great way to support indie publishers and authors. Look at the "In Stock" section of the website closely and you'll see one Jessica Knauss. In the store, there are two, count 'em, two copies of Tree/House signed by the author. As with any aspect of Fleeting Pages, you can also shop for these online.

I'm especially pleased to get Tree/House involved with Fleeting Pages in Pittsburgh, PA, because the book is set in Pennsylvania and the haunting black and white pictures now in the print edition were taken in the wilds of that great state.

But, this store is a fabulous idea in any state. You can support this amazing project from any location at, where philanthropy has its rewards. Pledge now, because if they don't make their goal, they don't get any funding. Best of luck to you, Fleeting Pages!