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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Sail From Italy II

As always, check out the other participants of this amazing institution here.

Because of the popularity of my YA Sail From Italy last week, this week, you get more! Here, we see (married) Javier meet the person who gets so scarily confronted in the video excerpt at bottom. Enjoy!

* * *

Javier gasped when a stunningly beautiful woman emerged from the bushes and turned in to the yard. Her presence improved the appearance of the already gorgeous courtyard. She glowed with an aura that followed her, step by gliding step. Javier sprang up and shouted, “Conchita!”
The lady looked over and exclaimed, “Why, Javier! It’s you.”
       “Oh, but who else?” smiled Javier. 

* * *

Here's the video I mentioned.

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