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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday, Tenth Century Style II

Burgos in 2005, seen from Castle Hill. The cathedral is about three centuries too
late for our story.
I was so pleased that my snippet from last week seemed interesting to you all. Thanks so much for visiting and for all your constructive comments!

Since I don't have any battle scenes in this book written yet (I'd have liked to celebrate Memorial Day in that way), I'm going to continue with the wedding preparations. The bride, doña Lambra, is sitting with her trusty servant, Justa, in their tent, waiting in dread for the ceremony to begin. Remember, this is a first draft, so any suggestions are welcome.

* * *
They both looked at the tent flap when they heard the women's song. Too soon, a line of twenty singing married women opened the flap and beckoned to Lambra. She felt infinitely small: so small that the women lifted her up on their shoulders and carried her toward the city as if she were a water jug. Lambra looked desperately below in search of Justa's braids. She walked solemnly, far behind all the married women. "Justa, don't leave me alone!"
* * *

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