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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Medieval Feast

Thanks to everyone who stops by, and especially you great commenters! You're fabulous! See other wonderful excerpts here at the new site.

This is to make up for my husband's working on Memorial Day (i.e., no barbecue!). The scene is at an outdoor banquet just days before the wedding we saw doña Lambra get swept into week before last. The innkeeper offers her a choice of the cuts of a freshly roasted bull with her future husband (who is not one of the masculine lineup from three weeks ago, but their uncle) looking on beside her.

* * *
She studied the mound of steaming meat, which was smothered in a parsley, fennel, and red carrot sauce made more red with beet juice that whetted her appetite at her very core. "I'll have the tail," she stated.

"Really, my lady?" the innkeeper asked as he used both carving knife and fingers to dig through the pile in search of the piece. Finding the tail, he said, "It doesn't have much meat on it."

"I don't mean that tail," she said. "I mean the other ones."
* * *

If you swing by next Sunday, you'll catch a glimpse of the actual wedding ceremony.

This week, Monday and Wednesday: the incomparable Lauryn Allison Lewis and her The Beauties. Friday: the biggest announcement in Famous Writer history!