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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Death at the Wedding and Its Consequences

These six come directly after the six from last week. Doña Lambra's about to hold forth at her nephew Gonzalo:

*  *  *

Through her tears, she exclaimed, “He was my cousin. He won the prize. Never before has a bride been so dishonored at her own wedding! Ruy Blásquez will repay this betrayal!”
Doña Sancha let go of Gonzalo’s arm to wipe at the tears coming down her own cheeks and plead with Lambra. “Oh, dear sister-in-law, he didn’t mean to do it.”

*  *  *

Thanks so much for stopping by and for whatever insight you wish to share here. I really appreciated the encouragement last week! What an amazing boost that was! The other six sentences for this amazing Sunday jaunt are here.