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Monday, September 5, 2011

Out Now: A Crazy Weird Anthology for Animal Lovers!

Housefire Press, the press that only solicits from authors they like and never reads slush piles, has just released their anthology Nouns of Assemblage. It's full of animals, although I haven't received my contributor copy yet, so I can't guarantee they're all sweet. More specifically, it's all about the names for animals in their natural groups, such as the famous "murder of crows."

There are over 60 stories in here, and one is mine! Guess which group noun I chose. Yep, a "Crash of Rhinoceroses." It's an even more micro version of my microfiction "A Business Venture in Glue," published this year by Stanley the Whale. But don't that deter you, as there are more than 59 other stories by "The Best Authors in Small Press Fiction." Who could resist plunking down a paltry sum for something with so much potential?

See the stop-motion trailer here. Look for me at :42!

More information (including purchasing) is here.

Thanks for taking a look and celebrating with me!