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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: The Bloody Wedding Gets Legal

This week, we start up where we left off, with the highest secular authority in the land taking control.

* * *

The count raised his voice in announcement. “Let it be known to all present that I, García Fernández, Count of Castile, hereby pardon Gonzalo González for the unintentional slaughter of Álvar Sánchez.” Doña Lambra let out a strangled cry and, in what looked to Sancha like an exaggerated gesture, toppled into the arms of her poor serving girl. The count ignored her. “I further pardon Ruy Blásquez for his offense against Gonzalo González’s person and consider that any debt incurred for such wounding has been paid with the breaking of Ruy Blásquez’s nose.”
           Ruy Blásquez emitted a loud snort and then winced in pain, but don Gonzalo Gustioz nodded enthusiastically in agreement. 

* * *

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