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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: The End of Chapter 5

These are the last six I'm posting from Chapter 5 of The Seven Noble Knights of Lara. I hope you've enjoyed the extended excerpt! This takes place soon after where we left off, with just a few words in between showing that both parties have agreed to the Count's arbitration.

* * *

With dutiful nods, six brothers each knelt at Ruy Blásquez’s feet and kissed his hand. Doña Sancha said, “Gonzalo will do it some other time since if he kneels now, he may not be able to get back up.” She dabbed at his head wounds with her maid’s handkerchief, although they were beginning to stop bleeding at last.
And with this, the men seemed well pleased. Sancha looked at Lambra, who refused to look back at her, but crouched down and began collecting Álvar Sánchez’s gore-covered teeth in an improvised pouch of her skirt. The blood and soil seeped through the yellow silk, spattered sinister flowerlets on Álvar’s tunic and sank deep into the earth.

* * *

I expect that's sufficiently creepy or gory for Halloween tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by. I so appreciate your comments! Don't miss out on the other excerpts here.