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Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Go!

In the face of all the stresses my husband and I currently deal with in our lives, we decided we didn't need one of them to be the continued separation from most of our earthly possessions and physical comfort. When we came to Arizona lo these many months ago, we only took the barest essentials, and accepted donations and bought incredibly cheap items to fill in the gaps. We left most of the trappings of civilization in storage in Pennsylvania, and we've finally committed to plane tickets back there to pick up a U-Haul full of the wonders of a previous life that now seems very long ago indeed.

I've written about being parted from my stuff on this blog. I've also written posts about the absurdities we've had to endure as concerns television and the fact that we've been more or less sleeping on the floor since we got our own apartment. Though I've told Arizonans that most of our stuff is in Pennsylvania, no one is able to comprehend what that really means. For example, the citrus crop has been pretty dismal this year, but someone told me the oranges and tangerines are still good for juicing! Not for us. Our juicer is in Pennsylvania. Or, when I had the flu, I was told to relax on my couch and watch a DVD. I'm incredibly lucky to have a couch at all, but since we left our DVD player in PA, I can only watch DVD's on my computer at the work desk, hardly an area for relaxation. We haven't cooked properly for a year and half for lack of kitchen tools and all the reading I do would be incredibly enhanced by any one of a few chairs we have over there with actual cushioning. I know I'm a lot better off than most of the humans on this planet, but these slight discomforts can add up to one enormous annoyance.

It won't be easy to drive almost all the way across the country in a reasonable amount of time with gas prices what they are, and then fit everything into our small apartment. But it's going to a lot better than paying to keep it locked up 2,500 miles away! And of course I'm thrilled to be reunited with my books -- no more excuse not to look up some factoid I've read before! -- with our juicer, and oh, dear God, with our actual comfortable bed. 

So the gist of this is that I will be blogging quite a bit less in April and won't be able to participate in Six Sentence Sunday. We don't own any devices such that I could blog while in the truck, and by the time we get to an internet connection, I'll be occupied with getting a good night's sleep and planning the next day's route.

By the time I'm back here, I'll be an actual normal person with all the assumed pieces of furniture in my home. Possibly in great big piles I have to dodge around, but in my home. It's almost too wonderful to be true!