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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Abencerraje 99 Cents... for now

The promotion for The Abencerraje was a roaring success. It outsold everything I've ever published before and earned the distinction of being an Amazon top seller in literary fiction. Free copies at the .com (American) site were given away at ten times the rate of the UK site and about fifty times the rate of the other European sites.

Since the free promotion ended, its price has been the modest, impulse-buy, Walmart model, 99 cents. However, it does cost money to publish ebooks, and in order to recoup those costs, I'm faced with having to raise the price. Consider yourself warned: this weekend the price will go up drastically, so if you still don't have this enchanting, authentic historical look at friendship across battle lines, now is the time to buy!

A paperback version will be coming out soon. Look for the Amazon reviews on the back cover. That's right! Give me a well-written phrase and I might put it on the back cover of this book I love so much!

Amazon Prime members can still borrow this book for free! Please do so! It would mean so much to me!